Taliaferro Angus Farms was established by the late Robert Taliaferro in the 1960's. Robert and his wife Ida has 7 children together, while growing up the children not only helped on the farm but were active member in the local 4-H, Joe, the youngest of all the children got his first 4-H  heifer, thus starting his interest in owning his own angus herd.

         In the years that followed Joe met his wife Debbie and they have been married for 30 years. They raised 3 children, Patrick, Kelly and Jessica, and have 5 grandsons. Patrick is the oldest, he gave them their first grandsons Truman, 10 and Chase, 8 and recently added their youngest grandson, Tripp, 6 months. The second oldest is Kelly she gave them their next set of grandsons, Odin 3 and Ivan 2. Their youngest child Jessica is getting married in July and at this time not even thinking about adding to the grandson list.

        Along with showing our cattle in the local 4-H shows, over the years our family has traveled all over the Midwest where we showed our home raised bulls, cow calf pairs, steers and heifers in the Kansas Junior Angus Association and in the National Junior Angus Association livestock shows. Patrick was the first to start showing in 1997, and Jessica was the last to leave the ring in 2011. Now that Patrick, Kelly and Jessica are too old to show, it's the grandsons turn to take a turn in the show ring. This is Truman's third year to show in 4-H and in the Kansas Junior Angus Association, he is looking forward to many more years. His brother Chase just started showing this year,  and we as a family are looking forward to supporting them and the other grandsons along the way.

       Throughout the years we have done many things to help improve our cattle herd, and are still doing our best today to make sure we are doing our best for our herd. In 1983 Joe took a class to learn how to Artificially Inseminate (AI) his cattle and in 2002 we started doing embryo transfers and have seen a great amount of success with it. Those are just a couple of examples of how we are working towards improving our herd. This is our 9th year to have bull and heifer sale, we are proud of the success of the last eight sales and continue to improve our growing cow herd.

    Be sure to keep checking back with us to follow our family's success in the cattle industry.





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